On and around the island


Seals & porpoises

Want to spot seals and porpoises yourself? Less than 10 kilometres from the Paardekreek, you can catch a glimpse of these marine animals! 

The harbour porpoise is the smallest and most common cetacean in the North Sea. The porpoise is often spotted in the Eastern Scheldt. If you want to spot a porpoise, you have to be careful. This is because porpoises only show themselves above the water for a very short time. You can best see the animals in windless and calm weather. The stronger the wind, the more difficult it becomes. You actually see a glimpse of a piece of the back, with the triangular fin making a rolling motion through the water. 

On the North Sea side of Neeltje Jans, you can spot seals. Seals like to relax on the barrels in the water. You can get very close to the seals (not too close, of course). They are easy to photograph. 

Want to know exactly where to spot the seals and porpoises? We will gladly inform you at reception!


De Zelfplukkerij, Colijnsplaat

At the Self-Pickery, you can see how fruit grows and pick delicious small fruits yourself! You can also take part in a jam-making workshop. Delicious to eat your own cooked jam during your holiday at De Paardekreek. 

The Zelfplukkerij is open from July to September on Mondays and Thursdays from 13:00 to 17:00.


Seafarm, Kamperland

Buy and taste fresh fish, it's all possible at Seafarm in Kamperland (20 minutes' drive from the Paardekreek!).
Seafarm fishes, processes and exports razor clams and other shellfish within Europe. In addition, Seafarm has the most sustainable and energy-efficient turbot farm in Europe. 

At Seafarm, lovers of shellfish and turbot can indulge themselves. Seafarm even has a tasting room where some can be enjoyed. They have a small menu of tasty products that can also be bought in the shop and then made into your own, free recipes are available. 



Zeeland Rose Garden, Kats

In the 4-hectare landscape garden, thousands of roses and clematis grow and bloom in more than a thousand different varieties. Roses and clematis are also grown and can be bought or ordered. Several events take place at the Zeeland Rose Garden every year.

For more information, opening hours and events, visit the website of the Zeeland Rose Garden.