With its direct location on the Veerse Meer, the Paardekreek is a water sports paradise where you can enjoy sailing, surfing, wakeboarding or dining. You can rent a sloop to explore the islands and beaches of the Veerse Meer, and the beach is only a 10-minute drive away. From the park you can explore the area on foot or by bike, you can make a beautiful trip along the Veerse Meer or even the Oosterschelde and cross the water on one of the ferries. Because of its central location in Zeeland, historic cities such as Veere, Middelburg, Goes and Zierikzee are close by. The coast of Zeeland with the North Sea beach is only 10 minutes away by car.



Kortgene is a lively, cosy and touristic village at the Veerse Meer. As a visitor and guest of the Paardekreek you will experience the real holiday feeling when you wake up directly at the waterfront and walk to the village. In the heart of Kortgene you will find several shops, a supermarket, a traditional butcher, a baker and much more! Every Saturday there is a small market on the square in front of the church where you can buy fresh fish, cheese, vegetables and fruit. The centre of Kortgene can be reached on foot from the Paardekreek.

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Veerse Meer

Veerse Meer

The Veerse Meer is the Zeeland paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Sailing, surfing, diving, water skiing, canoeing or swimming? Lovers of water (sports) can indulge themselves! 

The Veerse Meer has 17 islands, 5 of which are specially designed for birds. The other 12 islands are accessible to visitors. There are playgrounds and walking forests where you can relax all day long. 

From the Paardekreek you can discover and explore the Veerse Meer and its islands by boat. A picnic on an island with the sun on your back, who wouldn't want that?

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Wandelen en fietsen Noord-Beveland

Walking and cycling

Discover the magnificent nature of the endless island of Noord-Beveland.

Noord-Beveland is the smallest island in Zeeland and, like other parts of Zeeland, has a long history of land reclamation, dams and storm surges. The many old and new dikes are often covered with the most beautiful flowers and plants, a real paradise for walkers and cyclists. 

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Beaches nearby

A visit to Zeeland means a visit to the beach! 

Almost everyone can spend at least one day on the beach during their holiday in Zeeland. Zeeland is of course the perfect province par excellence for a day on the beach and in the waters of Zeeland.

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Kano Kanoa


For the more active among us, there is a lot to do on and around Noord-Beveland Island. From horse riding and mountain biking to canoeing and wakeboarding!

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Turfkade Goes

A day in the city

Fancy an afternoon of shopping or sightseeing in Zeeland?

The Zeeland towns of Goes, Middelburg, Zierikzee and Veere are within easy reach of your holiday home. Middelburg, for example, is known for its many monuments and a wide range of shops. Goes is only fifteen minutes by car from the villa park and the campsite, where you can also go shopping. 

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On the island and its surroundings

There is a lot to see and discover on and around Noord-Beveland Island. Think of the seal and porpoise watching and the different villages on the island!

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Amusement parks

A day trip in Zeeland is well worth it, there is a lot to do for young and old alike. Think of the Deltapark Neeltje Jans, the indoor and outdoor playgrounds, the tropical zoo, the steam train and much more!