Kortgene Village


City walk through Kortgene

The village has a walking route, the town walk. Why a city walk through the village of Kortgene? Because Kortgene used to have city rights!

During this walk through Kortgene, you can become acquainted with a real travail, see to where the water stood in 1953 (flood disaster), the story of the church tower's clock and lots of other special spots. The city walk is about 5km long and is also highly recommended. The city walk is available at reception of De Paardekreek.

Molen de Korenbloem

Molen de Korenbloem

At the beginning of Kortgene stands Molen de Korenbloem. Restoration work on this mill was completed in 2011. It is a showpiece for the village of Kortgene! Various flours are milled here, which are for sale in the shop. Wheat, rye, spelt and pancake flour, as well as many fun creative, handmade gift items. The mill can be visited on Saturdays and if the miller is present, he will be happy to tell you about the Korenbloem!

geschiedenis kortgene


The village of Kortgene was a town in the Middle Ages. A couple of big storm floods put an end to that in the early 16th century and the old "Cortgene" was wiped off the map. Also interesting is the history of Kortgene's clock, the "Susanne". The bell seems to have been brought from the island of Noirmoutier in the Vendee, to Zeeland in 1674 during the war with France, in an unusual way. In 1942, she was towed away by the occupying forces, ended up at the bottom of the IJsselmeer and was retrieved after the liberation.

Kortgene has special (town) rights. These were particularly expressed when a municipal redivision was imminent in the first years of the 19th century. Based on the town rights, this was prevented. In 1996, Kortgene lost its independence and now belongs to the municipality of Noord-Beveland.

Well-known is the Kortgene-Wolphaartsdijk ferry, which was the main connection to the mainland until 1 October 1960. It was then the only ferry on North Beveland suitable for ferrying cars.   The construction of the lock in 1960 and the Veerse Gatdam in 1961 put Kortgene on the Veerse Meer.

Now a ferry ferries cyclists and pedestrians across from April to September. At reception, they know the sailing times. A nice ferry when you go cycling around the Veerse Meer!